Ortopedia Rocco

Ortopedia brand, which was founded by Yusuf Dadaşoğlu and has been producing high-quality children's shoes for many years, started its activities in 2001 as Rocco Rich shoes.

Rocco Rich shoes offered a new style to the customers in Turkey and every other country with the concept of orthopedic children's shoes, and Ortopedia has taken its place in the developing market.

The orthopedic shoe industry, which has been providing orthopedic shoes to our children who needed simple models without style and basic colors for years is changing directions with leading shoe producer Rocco Rich with his colorful and contemporary models which have style.

Observing that our country was not sufficiently informed about foot health and deformation for orthopedic shoe matter, our company founder Yusuf Dadaşoğlu started his project and called ORTOPEDIA, which is a well-known brand in Turkey and more than 15 countries.

Ortopedia brand has high-quality and healthy products that can prevent many foot deformations that are ignored by many people today.

Running R&D process for Ortopedia to offer the consumer an orthopedic experience by combining the trendiest models with the orthopedic concept.

The production standards for the orthopedic shoe industry and Ortopedia’s advanced production process are different from each other by considering the materials and methods.

We intend to show the real stylish orthopedic shoes to the world by local capital to the perception of "For the Healthy Feet of Tomorrow" and the enthusiasm of bringing quality shoes to consumers.

Handmade production stays the same by increasing production volume with making no concessions on quality of the shoes from our factory.

With each passing day, Rocco Rich Shoes decided to increase the capital in 2019 and transferred the management of the Ortopedia brand to Erka Mağazacılık A.Ş., which is managed by the partnership of Emirhan Dadaşoğlu and Imdat Çalışkan.

Rocco Rich Footwear, which has many customers in Turkey and other countries, participates in other footwear and related fairs in whole areas as a participant and visitor and continues for R&D studies.

Some of the countries which our wholesalers from; America, Germany, England, Italy, Russia, Romania, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Libya are coming.

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